Together we are stronger

‘One Family’ is an emergency relief campaign to support aggrieved Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip.

“Seventy-one families were massacred during twenty-seven days of the ongoing Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip. At least six hundred members of those families fell victim to these atrocities,” Gaza’s health officials have stated.

‘One Family’ aims to create direct ties between families affected by the genocide in the Gaza Strip and families, groups and individuals wanting to help them. Through this campaign, you can aid one of these families and provide them with direct financial and moral support.

‘One Family’ have compiled a list of over a hundred families who were victims to the Israeli massacres, artillery shelling and airstrikes, with a short description of their casualties and the terrible life conditions they are enduring. We will be able to provide contact information for those willing to communicate directly with them. We aim to create unity between Palestinian families within Palestine and in the diaspora, plus build a strong bond between the afflicted Palestinian families in Gaza and the international public regardless of religion, ethnicity or nationality.

Please note that ‘One Family’ for Gaza is not responsible for receiving any funds and donations nor transferring them to the families. Our role is to link you with the families in Gaza who are in urgent need.

Traditional aid initiatives take months to reach families in Gaza. Also, the aid distributed falls short of covering basic needs. Aid such as food supplies, blankets and tents are insufficient. Our campaign aims to support those families who are in urgent need of emergency relief. The dignity of our aid recipients is of utmost priority; this is a Palestinian led grassroots campaign influenced by the Palestinian tradition of ‘sumud’ or steadfastness. To exist is to resist, and a continued indigenous presence which resists Zionist occupation for our cumulative struggle is central to the Palestinian national claim. The families of Gaza have payed a heavy price for the freedom, justice and equality of all and they should not be abandoned.

Most of these families have been left homeless after they survived Zionist massacres, and have suffered injury and loss of loved ones. These steadfast families are in desperate need of international solidarity. Part of the Zionist project is to divide the Palestinian people, and this campaign seeks to unite Palestinians and their supporters across checkpoints, walls and borders as ‘One Family’. Together we are stronger.

Contact us to support a family : onefamily4gaza@gmail.com
For more information:
Turkey: 0090-53-532-84008
Palestine: 00972-595-429-742